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Proof That God Wrote the Holy Bible By Leslie Musoko Platinum Quality Author Leslie Musoko Level: Platinum Leslie Musoko is the author of the novels

When most of us first come to God we often wonder how it is possible that God wrote the Holy Bible. None of us has seen God and the bible clearly teaches us that God is a spirit yet we are asked to believe that God wrote the bible. To fully comprehend this we must start by looking at ourselves. How can we be certain that any individual wrote a particular book? Did Shakespeare really write Othello or Macbeth? Did Jane Austen really write Pride and Prejudice? Come to think of it did any of us write what we claim to have written? Does this mean that we would have to stand behind each individual and watch them type or write out each word for us to be certain that it was theirs?

The fact remains that unless we do this we have no guarantees that any individual is who they say they are. As it is impossible to follow this method of proof the next best thing is in the works and knowledge of the individual. In today's world we demand to see other works from people - articles, blogs, books anything else that would prove to us that we are who we say we are. We ask for endorsements from others, physical evidence that ensures we are not led astray. In the final analysis our word is not good enough to prove our works, physical evidence of other works or endorsements from other people is the evidence accepted. If this is the way we judge our own works then this is the way we should also judge God's work.

In the Bible God has said we should prove all things. He has said we should not just take his word for it but prove it. If we start by endorsements then of all the books ever written on this earth the Holy Bible has more endorsements than any one book, essay, script or article ever written. The amazing thing about these endorsements is that unlike others which are written by people to support the evidence of works. The words of scripture are used in our everyday lives. This is not an endorsement just by word of mouth but one through thought, deeds and any other form of existence known to man.

When we seek proof through other works, we only have to examine ourselves. God says he is in all of us. God says we will sin and we will kill each other. God says we will be poor, we will be rich, we will give birth, and we will die. God says we would have floods, earth quakes, lightning and thunder. God says we would name everything we see, we would speak different languages, be of different color. God says we would love each other, hate each other, be jealous, envy one another; be proud, humble, kind, wicked, wise, unwise etc. The fact remains that everything God has said we would do in his book, is what we do. He has also stated in his book that we are his creation. If we weren't then we won't do as he says. However we do and even those who do not believe in God are talked of in his Word. So we are all proof of his work.

The bottom line is this method of getting proof that God wrote the Holy Bible from man falls short as we cannot judge what created us. The truth is that we accept the word of each other that we are who we say we are through faith and hope of integrity from each individual. To accept that God wrote the holy bible we must also accept his word through faith. The next question that arises from this is how did God write the bible if he is a spirit? The answer to this question is in the Holy Bible and is given to us by the words, 'All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.' This goes to show that the Holy Bible was written by men inspired by God and if these men are God's creation then God wrote the Holy Bible.